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Diaspora determined the future of the country
Diasporas are often not considered, but they remain citizens of the country and have all the rights. Usually able-bodied active citizens leave. The current situation in Moldova has shown us that diasporas have great political power, popular will, cohesion and consolidation. In today's political realities, one cannot but reckon with the diaspora, and whoever manages to consolidate it and involve it on their side will be in priority.
Remote influence on diaspora politics is very significant, but not harmful. It is necessary to work not with individuals, but with the people. It is not difficult to imagine if all these citizens return to their homeland and take to the streets with flags, demonstrations and demands, and economic inflows through transfers from migrants will be significantly reduced, reducing the economic balance of the budget.
The number of Moldovan guest workers in Russia is about 400 thousand people with the right to vote, and in Transnistria there are about 150-200 thousand citizens of Moldova. Despite the pandemic, Europe has managed to consolidate and channel electoral votes into the electoral process. If these people were mobilized in Russia, where they love and know how to conduct such election campaigns, then the post-election realities of Moldova could be completely different. However, the choice was determined precisely by the diasporas.

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