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                On behalf of the Republican Public Organization “Union of Gagauzians of Transnistria“ Birlik ”, please accept my heartfelt congratulations on the Day of Proclamation of the Gagauz Republic!
               Today's date is a national holiday that reminds all of us of the value of our people, their unity and striving for the development of autonomy in modern realities. The jubilee date, the 30th anniversary of the Gagauz Republic, is for us a symbol of the unity and consolidation of the people who made the wise decision to proclaim August 19, 1990.
              The Gagauz people, wherever they are, will remember and honor the feat of the veterans who have taken responsibility for making decisions for the good of Gagauzia based on mutual consent and the will of the people. National unity, cultural values ​​and the desire to preserve Gagauzia became an incentive for its development. Thanks to selfless work and fortitude, our joint efforts have brought the country to the level of an economically developed region with a rich culture that has retained its uniqueness and originality.
             Republican Public Organization “Union of Gagauzians of Transnistria“ Birlik ”share joy and express involvement in the national holiday, the 30th anniversary of the proclamation of the Gagauz Republic! Allow me to express my gratitude and wish good health, prosperity and success to the founding fathers, peace and harmony to all compatriots for the benefit of our native Gagauzia!

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