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  10.10.2010  International Day of Peace in Tiraspol noted concert.  

The action " Let's say the world - YES! " Was organized social movement "Recognition " in cooperation with the NGO "Union of Gagauz Transnistria ."

  10.10.2010  On August 10, the Governor will submit a report about hundred days of work of the Executive Committee


Monday, August 10, the head of the Gagauz autonomy Irina Vlah will report on the activities of the Executive Committee for the first hundred days. 

  10.10.2010  Chisinau Maidan - EXCLUSIVE


At the end of the summer in the United States calculated the risks in Moldova and decided to "political vaccination" the political situation in the country - namely Chisinau organized a mini-Maidan

  10.10.2010  Chubashenko: In the case of "lost" Gagauz goodbye to their autonomy


In the case of unification of Romania and Moldova project residents of Gagauzia goodbye to their autonomy, he said the famous Moldovan journalist and political commentator Dmitry Chubashenko.

  30.11.-0001  The opposition is organizing a mass rally on Sunday


Political opposition forces organized on Sunday in the central square of Chisinau new large-scale protest.

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